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Instruction for Foreign Citizens or Stateless Person Arriving to the Russian Federation Visa-free with the Aim of Temporary Labour Activity

1. It is necessary to submit a completed migration card at the Russian Federation border checkpoint.

Migration card forms are issued free of charge to the foreign citizens entering the Russian Federation by representatives of transport organizations (operating personnel of long-distance trains, airliners, sea and river vessels, etc.)

The migration card is completed in Russian. It can also be completed in Latin letters corresponding to the data contained in the passport or another identification document. Both parts of the migration card should be filled in.

In the "Purpose of entry" section the word "работать" (to work) should be underlined.

Migration card consist of two parts: "A" and "B". While passing through the state border checkpoint, Part "A" of the migration card is left with the Frontier Service officials and Part "B" is returned to the foreign citizen. On the reverse side of Part "B" of the migration card the border checkpoint officials must put a mark of entry to the Russian Federation.

In case of damage or loss of the migration card, the foreign citizen must within three days apply to the nearest territorial office of the Federal Migration Service in order to obtain a duplicate of the damaged or lost migration card. At the same time documents allowing entry to the Russian Federation must be submitted. Migration card duplicate is issued free of charge...

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